Poppy Plays...

Each month Poppy has a brand new face, expression and favorite activity or she does the same activity she did previously in a totally different way. She loves sliding, being pushed on her bike, reading and of course torturing our dog, Weezy. Luckily Weezy things she's a blast! This month one of our friends parents made Poppy two hats, which are just adorable! Poppy wants to wear them all the time and even sleep with them!I never thought being a mom could be so fun (and hard!) but fun most the time or that each day could be better than the one before (of course skip a few days where the crab is out!)

We recently started printing all of the photos we blog and tons we don't blog of our family. I was sitting looking at old photo albums from when I was a kid recently and realized that the only way Pops could see her pictures was if she plugged in my hard drives, assuming they hadn't corrupted by then. That kicked my fanny in gear to start printing pictures, once a week we send them to the printer, that way it never feels too overwhelming. Now Poppy will have albums and albums to pour through when she's older. In the digital age, don't forget the importance of a printed picture.

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