Baby Sifer | 2 Weeks Young

We had the best morning photographing this beautiful little newborn baby!Sifer Mayes is such a sweet little gal! Her great grandpa walked over to see her right when we were about to begin shooting, perfect timing!! I love seeing her brand new little fingers and toes with his which have such a story to tell. Olivia and Hunter looked so rested and at ease with being parents, they were up for anything! And of course they had super toot outfits and props already laid out for her! BABY LOVE! If you haven't yet, check out Salon Swank's Boutique, adorable beebster clothes! My favorite was the crab outfit, couldn't be more suiting for these two, owners of "I Got Your Crabs." They had crab pots everywhere and the least crabby baby ever to put with them. We used mega yummy popcorn from the Popcorn Shoppe, thank you Lindsey + Ted, it was perfect! Carrie and Candace captured some beautiful images and were the best prop stylists and beebster helpers ever!