Blaine + Reece's Cup

I can't believe Blaine is 3! I photographed his sister on the Outer Banks in Duck (a Trash The Tutu session to be exact) when she was three and he wasn't a twinkle in his parent's eyes yet! I was so excited to get a call that not only did they have another beebster but he was the same age she was when I last saw them! He is soooo cute, a little ham as long as the wind wasn't blowing 50mph, which it was while we were in the fields! It was much warmer in the greenhouse and behind the barns which was perfect as they made fun backdrops!They are both so sweet, full of hugs and kisses and lots of giggly faces. Thanks for bringing all the mega toot outfits, hats and most importantly for sharing your beebsters with us!