Easter Portrait Partay with Renee Landry Style

We had the best time at our Easter Portrait Party! Carrie brought her super toot chicks and Renee Landry Style brought her sweet bunny, Pickles. One of her friends brought their phenomenal angora bunny but Pickles was a little more sociable. Renee is an amazing designer, here is a link to a monster truck party, an underseas party, and our book release portrait party that she designed.

All the props that Renee, Carrie and Candace set up were perfect! Renee's purple bike and Easter Tree were a huge hit along with the bunny/carrots/cabbage she brought! Many thanks to these girls for all their hard work! It's such an honor to be able to work with such talented and creative artists and the cutest kids in 50 states!

We had 4 stations set up and had 2 families come at a time with 3 photographers, one at each station. Whoever finished their station first would take the family to the Easter tree.

Candace photographed the bunnies and carrots for most the day, Carrie had the balloon, bike, tractor and chicks and I had the field, white frame and sometimes the Easter tree. Of course this all changed and we all shot at each station throughout the day.

Carrie was the rockstar photographing the flying children, these boys were a riot, they LOVED being tossed so high! Candace had the two babies, Sifer and Preston, all to herself. I was surprised Carrie and Candace didn't argue over this, they are both baby crazy! Hee hee. But Carrie was LOVING the chicks and balloon!

Many thanks to everyone who came to play with us, your families were so much fun!