Wedding Expo at The Sanderling

We had so much fun this weekend at The Sanderling. They hosted a fantastic Wedding Expo. I ran around when I could to get pictures of all the fantastic vendors in the different locations. Thanks to for having us be a part of this! We really are quite blown away by how smooth and relaxing everything was! Here are several photos from this day! There were three different and beautiful examples of ceremony sites set up on the beach.

All the happy Brides and Grooms were busy exploring the vendors booths! It was so wondersum to meet them all!

Everything was so organized!

I think my favorite part was all the decorations by so many different talented people! I couldn't stop looking at everything!

Everyone was having such a good time! Dancing in the aisles and smiling the whole time!

I just think the white doves from When Doves Fly are so pretty.

Thanks so much to Kirsten Lewis for these super duper cute photos of us Sassy Gals!