Eden, Australia

Exploring the Sea

Cliffs of Eden, Australia

We left Coolangatta and drove 6 hours south to Eden, where we discovered a rock pool on the edge of the cliffs.  

Eden, Australia

There was a wonderful fish 'n chips place that had rock salt caramel ice cream!  We learned all about the whaling history of this wharf and the town they were built on. There was killer whale named "Old Tom", who lured in all the baleen whales for the fishermen to kill. As a reward, the fisherman gave the killer whales the larger whales tongue's and lips. Once "Old Tom" was found dead, the whaling industry suffered due to his loss and growing restrictions on whaling. It is now prohibited.  

Poppy is still getting used to the time change here in Australia.

Eden, New South Wales Beach
fish and chips
summertime ice-cream
Snug Cove