Crossing the Bass Straight

Spirit of Tasmania

We left the Yarra Valley and took the Spirit of Tasmania ferry 9 hours across the Bass Strait in the Tasman Sea to get to to Tasmania. It was a beautiful boat, the size of a cruise ship and they had amazing face painters who also did body paint via screen printing, gave history lessons and told us all about the animals we may encounter here. It was a bit rocky (seas were 3 meters, approx. 10 feet) but there was a play area the kids loved, tv, food, wine and movie theaters to pass the time not to mention the cool breeze on the decks overlooking miles of seas coming straight from Antartica with tons of jellyfish below us!

Spirit of Tasmania Faceprint

When we arrived we still had a 2 hour drive to our hotel which we were really trying to make before dark as we were warned it is super dangerous as the wildlife will jump right in front of your car. On the 2 hour drive we counted 45 kangaroos, wallabies and wombats once we finally started counting. We have limited our Tasmania travel to daytime journeys!

Family Vacation with kids

The following morning we went to Penny Royal Tasmania and hiked around Cataract Gorge to find a playground which made the kids days!!

Penny Royal Tasmania
Cataract George

These little ladies are traveling troopers although the fits Peaches does throw are rather cute and sometimes in inappropriate places but we have to capture it all!

Toddler Fit