Yarra Valley

Exploring Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley Vineyard

We arrived in the Yarra Valley (wine) and promptly found the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie where you could watch them make chocolate, and we tried lots of ice cream.  John's was curry coconut, which Pops tried, "winked" and said, "I like it!" Hahaha!! 

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie
Yarra Valley Ice Cream

When we got back to the hotel, Peaches wanted to give us all "hair opossums" which means she wanted to brush our hair. I wonder if she got this from us calling knots in our hair "rat's nests." Hmmmm.... We found a book, "The Christmas Wombat" at a thrift store and have been reading that as one of our bedtime stories.

Family Vacation
Traveling bedtime