Watson's Bay, Australia

Day 1

Watson's Bay

We left NC, flew to LA and spent one night before hopping on the plane to Sydney, AU! While we were in LA I met up with one of my old friends from when I went to school in Sydney 15 years ago!

College Roomates

The plane ride was 14 hours and went surprisingly well, our neighbors were kind and quiet and the girls were tired, whew! Once we landed we drove to our hotel in Watson's Bay and met up with 2 of my other wonderful friends from Uni.

Watson'e Bay Beach

These lovely ladies were such an important part of my life at school as I studied photography, they let me take photos of them NON STOP to learn light, composition and how to interact with your subjects. They were my best friends, so supportive and such talented ladies. It was so special to have our kids meet, hopefully they can be pen pals, meet up again when they are older and maybe travel the world together, who knows!!!

Watson's Bay Beach Resort
Kids being kids

You meet so many people who come and go in your life, who shape and build it into who you are today. While traveling, you may not have much in common with someone other than you have a backpack and are ready to go for an adventure but at that moment, it's all you need. 
These kiddos laughed, played and bonded over goldfish and ice cream and "chippies!"

Family Beach Vacation
Sydney, Australia family vacation
exploring with kids