Stokes Bay

More from Kangaroo Island

The ferry to Kangaroo Island is only 45 minutes and the the Backstairs Passage was relatively calm. We enjoyed walking the sleepy streets to the beach while being met by kangaroos and spotting koalas and echidnas in the trees and bushes as we walked past.

We went to Stokes Bay one day and passed this beautiful castle on the way, we thought our Carova friend, Mark Thompson would enjoy this beauty!

Australian Pirate Ship

One our way back we went to Island Pure Sheep Dairy to watch them milk the sheep. We got to try the lovely cheeses and had ice cream made from the sheep's milk.

Pure Sheep Dairy

On the ferry on the way back we met the neighbors from where we were staying, where Peaches streaked their front yard.

sister love

The ride back wasn't quite as calm, it was 3 meter seas and the girls sat on spinning chairs, much like office chairs. The boat was going up and down, side to side and they were both spinning in circles very quickly. I asked them how they felt and they said, "I'm sooooo happy!!" and Pops said, "I never want this wild ride to end!!" and then Peaches said she was tired, climbed in my lap and puked all over us both.  
We are back on the mainland now. Internet, phone and no more planned boat rides.