Visiting Great Grandparents

Home in New Bern

We had such a special spring break, we got to go to New Bern, North Carolina to see my Gma and Gpa, Poppy and Peachie's great grandparents.
Gma Pat is one talented woman! She made the pink quilt for my sissy's baby, Josslyn and she made Gpa's quilt. She taught Poppy and I how to sew, we made a pillow case and started a pair of shorts. She even sent Pops home with a sewing machine to finish the project! I'm so thankful that this won't be a lost art in our family, now Pops knows it she will have it to pass on to her kids and grandkids. Gma made it fun, stress free and easy!!
And here is Gpa, his sassy self, sitting where he writes countless letters and documents his days. He wrote the history of the swan he's giving us and made us promise to put it high so the kids won't ride it - he knows them too well!!! These are some special days we will never forget!!!

Grandma Quit
learning to sew
sewing with grandma
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