Daddy's 65th Surprise Birthday Party!

Whew, it was a busy weekend! We started with my dad's 65th birthday party, Carrie + Candace had a beautimus wedding at The Sanderling and Sunday at 9am we had Poppy's birthday party. Yes, I know, it was early, but I'm not a schedule keeper and it's the only time during the day I know she will be awake. We did reward grown ups with mimosas for getting up, getting ready and coming to play so early!My dad had no idea we were having a party for him! Hunter and Olivia with "I Got You Crabs" brought over hundreds of crabs earlier in the day, these are his favorites. We had hard and soft shell. We told him some friends were coming over but he had no idea it was his friends! The guest appearance were Ed and Margaret who he was great friends with when we lived in Corolla in the early 1980's. He hasn't seen them since then! Bill and Carol and Janet and Carl are his other besties who came to play. I can't believe these two couples kept it a secret! John and I had a guest appearance from our friends and my amazing editor from Vermont, Sarie and Chris. This was her first crab picking and she did great! The crabs got loose all over the kitchen floor and we found one we hadn't caught 2 days after the party hiding under the sink, scared us to pieces and gave us a good laught! Thank you so much to each and every one of you who came to celebrate with us, we love you all!

The only survivor!