Equipment Talk

We are all packed up and ready for Michelle + Mike's wedding at The Sanderling on Saturday! Carrie will be photographing it with Candace second shooting.Batteries are charged, cards formatted and freshly cleaned cameras are all ready to go! We have lots of questions as to what equipment we use, recommend and do we have backups... Below is a list of what we carry to each wedding. And yes, even though there are 3 photographers, if 2 of us have a different wedding on the same day, we each carry the same equipment we are listing below. Having a backup of your backup is essential in wedding photography! We also have full coverage insurance and have our equipment cleaned and inspected by Nikon every 2 months. Portrait photography is a whole other ballgame as you don't need to have so much equipment available, it's a more controlled environment, less people and while you must have a backup camera, lens and lighting, it is overkill to bring all we list below. I'm always amazed at the amount of equipment we have when we pull it all out and pack it up for the first wedding of the season! At a wedding, if something goes wrong with your equipment, you must have another back up that is equally as good as the one you are using. You don't ever want your clients to know there was any hiccup. Just put down the broken equipment, pick up the backup and keep on shooting! We have had equipment break at 3 weddings in 9 years, one the camera was dropped on the floor and the others the shutter just quit working. Luckily we had a backup ready but it was still terrifying especially since 2 of the cameras were less than a year old. We only keep our cameras for 3 years due to all the wear and tear the salt water and sand put on them. Even with regular cleanings and maintenance I don't trust one older than that for an event such as your wedding!

Nikon Camera Bodies 1 D3s 1 D3 2 D700s

Flashes/Lighting 4 SB800 Flashes 2 LCD lights 2 Floodlights 2 fully charged battery packs

Nikon Lenses 1 50mm lens 1 24-70 lens 1 85mm lens 1 70-200 lens 1 35mm lens 1 16mm lens 1 lensbaby 1 tilt shift lens

Compact Flash Cards 6 16 gig Sandisk cards 24 2 gig Sandisk Cards 4 8 gig Sandisk Cards

And since blog posts are boring without photos, here are a few photos of our Cousin Caroline's store during the last snow. I was just printing them up to give them to her and thought I'd share them with yall.