Happy 1st Birthday Logie!

Wow. I can't believe Logan is a year old already, it doesn't seem possible! Here are his newborn photos, and him at 6 months and 9 months. He is the happiest little fella, always ready with a smile and giggles! Tara + Eddie are so creative, I just adore all the details they created for Logan's first birthday party! My favorite is the nutritional value on the back of the water bottles!

And the marshmallows... adorable!

The Elmo ball tent was such a hit!

Logie's whale smash cake was the most adorable cake ever! He had a ball eating and playing in it, he wanted nothing more than to kiss his dad and to get icing all over both of them!

Uh-OH Spaghetti Os!

He also got a wagon for his birthday, perfect place to rip open all his gifts! Of course, the paper on the gifts was the BEST part!

Thank you like crazy for having me document his party! Happy birthday to him and to yall, you were working super hard a year ago this time! xo