Heather + Jason | Hello My Sweet

I have known Heather since I was first dating John in 1998, she has always been such a wonderful friend even though I don't see her that often. I still remember her giving me a super toot bathing suit with grass on it from Corolla Surf Shop right after I met her, I was blown away!Since then she has had 2 beautiful kiddos, lives in Martinsville, VA, is my graphic designer and she and Jason have started Hello My Sweet. They create custom party decor or you can purchase party printables from Etsy. I love the vintage circus and Star Wars themes! They have tons others but those are my favorites besides ours of course! To reach them directly, hmscupcake@gmail.com. They work with you to come up with a theme for your party and then they bake the cakes/cupcakes, make all the food, set it up, create the place cards, food cards and clean it all up! Couldn't have a more fun, easy and beautiful party!

Here is Poppy loving her Partay sporting her outfit from Salon Swank!

All the food was delicious and it couldn't have been more perfect especially since I HATE to cook! Homemade cooking with a fun flair!

The beautiful cake was rainbow colored inside!

The pancakes were such a hit, the kids loved the colors!

What a genius idea for the silverware, rainbow and cloud on the front with the napkin as the blue sky and salt and pepper on the back!

And here are the amazing designers, chefs and bakers who are behind this fantabulous 2nd Birthday Party!

They even stay throughout the party to replenish things as needed, prompt cake cutting, pick up and to make sure everything runs smoothly! Here Heather is with their son, (who is soooo well behaved and such a lover!) Desmond, enjoying a yummy cupcake!

Thank you sooo much for all you do for us and for sharing all your many talents, this was going above and beyond, you're amazing!