Poppy is 2 years Old!

I can't believe Poppy is 2! Today is her actual birthday and 2 years ago at this time I was walking around the vineyards trying to get labor started, then I gave up and went to BJs to deliver some photos to Gena with Platinum Party Planning. I was sure she wasn't going to come on her due date! But I was wrong, she was very considerate and did just that! At 3pm I turned on Avatar and was wondering why I was having such bad lower back cramps. They didn't feel like contractions or what I thought contractions were supposed to feel like. At 4pm we were on our way to Elizabeth City to the hospital all the time I was sure it was false labor and they were going to send me home. We didn't have gas in the car so we had to stop at 7/11, meanwhile I was beginning to think maybe it was real... When we got to the hospital they checked me in and Poppy was born at 10:30pm at a whopping 6lbs even. We've had the best time over the last 2 years, can't believe she's our baby! It's such a blessing having her grandparents so close by. My dad is in town this weekend for his and Poppy's birthday and they are reading downstairs right now.

Here are some photos from her 2nd birthday party.

She loves smoochin' Austin...

here she is last year kissing him at her party!

I adore her little tutu outfit from Salon Swank and her monogrammed roos that Bubbles made for her!

Love her cake Hello My Sweet made for her!

Here she is at her first birthday party, not sure what to think of her cake!

Poppy is pouting because we wouldn't let her have a 6th lollipop! How she got 5, I'm not sure! That was her first and last lollipop for a very, very long time!