Welcome to the World Grigsby!

I couldn't believe it when I got the call yesterday at 3:30pm from dad to tell me Mons was in labor and their doula was on her way! This is their first beebster and he wasn't due until April 28th and there it was April 26th, how was that even possible?I packed up my equipment and a toothbrush and waited until the next call which was that they were leaving for the hospital, I hopped in the car and arrived in Chesapeake soon afterwards. Thank goodness they had a their doulas, Jacqueline and Chris from Birth Journeys! They were a tremendous help in moving mama so she was comfortable and getting her through each contraction all night long! They were so calming and a true blessing to have! This is mama's story to tell but I will say that she was a ROCKSTAR! Contractions were every 2 minutes and strong for 22 hours. Baby Grigsby arrived at 11:05am on April 27, 2012. We are all exhausted and soooo very excited for his safe arrival!

Daddypants was a huge help all through labor.

I love Dad and Gma's expressions, this is the first time they see Grigsby as he's delivered and put directly on mama's chest.

A love like none other.

Thank you so much for having me document this time in your lives and for allowing me to be in the room for it all. It was such an honor and blessing to see this little miracle come into the world.