Grigsby | Newborn

This little fella was hands down the easiest newborn we have ever photographed! Usually the newborn session takes anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on the baby... there is lots of eating, pooping and peeing and then sleeping. Tons of work goes into those cute sleepy babies!This morning we arrived and Grigsby was asleep on mama's chest, we immediately got together all the props we wanted to use, which were mostly Currituck themes (Mons and Josh and Currituck for life!.) Their home is filled with antiques, decoys, old duck prints... so of course, these had to be incorporated! Once we started photographing him, he was asleep for an hour, woke up and wanted to eat and was right back to sleep! This is only the second time we haven't been pooped or peed on, we don't mind either, but it's a special treat to leave clean! Loved all the ideas Carrie and Candace came up with! Mons and Josh are more traditional so a photo with all their silver/crystal set up was perfect!