Sugarbutts in Love + Fammy Sammy

These two and their beebsters are sooo sweet!! They had a gorgeous ceremony overlooking the ocean tonight with their three kiddos and parents as their witnesses. Shirley Gross was their preacher gal. Blustery doesn't even cut it, it was mega super windy but everyone made the best of it and it made the their dresses dance the day away!

Here is Candace photographing the kiddos getting ready...

Kelly forgot to paint one of her nails and couldn't find her nail polish... she knows her kids all too well! The first place she looked was her shoe for the polish and Voila! there it was.

She had a timer set on her phone for when they would be Mr & Mrs. Super toot!

Although the girls look like twins, there is a 10.5 month age difference. They get along so well and look so much alike!

I love how she's on her tippy toes!

And Candace always captures the best fanny taps!

The confetti was soooo fun, the ladies loved it and it made us all giggle.

Coley and her daddypants have always had a special handshake... here is part of it.

Congratulations lovebugs! xo