Margo, Cam, Colton + Families

I originally met Ashley + Sean 6 years ago when I photographed their wedding. It doesn't even seem possible that that was 6 years ago! Now they have a handsome 4 year old and a darling 6 month old who are so much fun!It was such a treat to see them and her sister and her fammy sammy yesterday.

Sweet baby Colton is a non stop smiler!

This awesome smash cake by Great Cakes was a huge hit! I love the hat they brought for him, Yes, it does look like "1 is FUN!"

And does anything beat a naked baby bottom??

Well huge smiles to go along with it!

Here are Ashley, Sean, Cameron + Margo. I haven't seen them since Cam was 10 months old, he's so grown up and little Margo is the happiest baby on the block, these kiddos must get it from their parents who are non stop grinners as well.

It's such an honor to watch your families grow and to be a part of your kiddo's life. Thank you for having me! XO