Zach hearts Maureen

Zach and Maureen chose the Lovely Island of Puerto Rico for their special wedding week! They stayed at the gorgeous resort Intercontinental And spent their morning there getting ready with all their friends and family! Everyone was so excited and happy to be there to celebrate with the couple.

Maureen had to try on only ONE dress to know that it was the perfect one for her! So gorgeous with the ruffles that fell down to the floor in pale shades of gray.

I'm sure everyone is aware of how much we adore first looks, but this one absolutely took our breath away! We had Maureen walk up behind Zach and cover his eyes before they even looked at each other. It was such a tender moment that they couldn't even break away to gaze into each other's eyes, they just held onto each other first. Then when they turned around, I think you could hear the heaven's singing for them!

The tropical rain forest in Puerto Rico is so magical! Everywhere you look there is something else that is even prettier than before! Floweres, plants, lights, and their decorations! Here are just a few of the many details of Zach and Maureen's wedding!

Maureen's brother walked her down the aisle, and you could just see their emotion while they waited for the music to begin!

How happy are they?? I love how they are just about to jump up and down and scream with delight that they are now married!

At the end of the evening, we caught a glimpse of Zach sleeping right next to his God-daughter (one of the cutest flower girls)! We can't even begin to thank you for the honor of being the ones to capture all these powerful emotions of your special day! We were blessed to be there and to take part and I hope that you both have such joy in your lives!! ~Carrie Roen