I Got Your Crabs! Is OPEN!

"I Got Your Crabs" in Kitty Hawk is beyond amazing!! This is it's first week open and I'm blown away!I adore crabs, blue crabs, king crabs, you name it! But- every time I eat them, I cut my hands and wish nothing more that someone would crack them for me and just hand me the delicious buttery meat. Voila. "I Got Your Crabs" does this!!! Insane, right? You order a dozen, 2 dozen, however many you want and there is a bartender right there who shucks them for you and teaches you how to do it if you'd like to learn. I tried the lump crab meat appetizer, the crab dip, the whole fried fish, asparagus, soft shell crabs, steamed shrimp and She Crab soup. They were all delicious but my favorite was the soup. It tasted like the most succulent crab meat in a perfectly flavored, not too heavy but super rich and buttery cream sauce. Heaven in a cup. Not only do they do this for crabs but for oysters when they are in season! I am going to have a permanent seat at this bar! Another thing I noticed-they are super kid friendly, a huge plus for us and all the other families here on the Outer Banks! I'm so very proud of Hunter, Olivia and baby Sifer! I can't imagine all the hard work they put into it. They go above and beyond for their customers!

252-449-BITE www.IGotYourCrabs.com 3809 N. Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC, 27949

Here is their story... To are fellow community, friends, and family. As you enjoy your new local crab market and steam bar/ oyster bar located in Kitty Hawk, NC. We would like to pre thank you for business and support! Here’s a little history behind the scene of the Stuart family… In order to fully comprehend the importance of Hunter Stuart’s work and the dedication which he puts forth every day to support himself and his family, you must start at the very beginning. Thirty-two years ago, Hunter Stuart was born to Watson and Kathy Stuart, a well-known and respected commercial fishing family in Currituck County, who also made their living running a hunting lodge on Bell’s Island. It did not take long for the young boy to inherit the hard-working ideals of his family and the local outdoorsman, who since day one, have been his role models. At the age of five, when most children are given bicycles with training wheels, Hunter was given a small boat, a 16-foot River Ox with a 2-horsepower Johnson motor. With his dad’s permission, Hunter set out in his life jacket, just out front of his house, setting his three allotted crab pots. What he caught he would put into his Radio Flyer wagon and go door-to-door along his street until they were all sold. This is a testament to the hard-working example set for him and was the first, but definitely not the last, entrepreneurship endeavor for Hunter Stuart. Within a year, Hunter was his father’s right hand man, working hard before and after school and throughout his summers, saving every hard-earned dime to invest in his dream of one day running a crabbing business of his own. By the time Hunter was 12 years old, he had saved enough money to finally purchase a $3,000 commercial fishing license, a 21-foot Privateer with a 90-horsepower motor, a set of 300 crab pots and buoys, and 3,000 yards of net. Hunter was now ready to fully begin his adventure as a young commercial fisherman. While pursuing his dream outside of the classroom, Hunter conjointly graduated from Currituck County High School. By the time the school bell rang at 8:15 in the morning, when most students were struggling to make it to their first class, Hunter had already tended to his main priority and completed his first lesson of the day, beginning at 5 a.m. on the Currituck Sound. Hunter’s teachers knew he had been fishing because he would often smell like his fresh catch, but he would explain to them it was the smell of money, and of his future. Wayne Twiford, a sergeant for the Currituck County Sheriff’s Department, a fellow crabber, and family friend, has known Hunter all of his life. He recalls that Hunter has always been a good kid, a hard worker, and knows the waterways of the Currituck Sound extremely well. “He works on the water all of the time,” Twiford said. “He was raised by the best and that’s how he makes his living.” Through the years, Hunters commercial fishing vessels have grown larger and multiplied greatly along with his pots to catch the extra crabs allowing us to expand to Kitty Hawk NC! So as you see “I GOT YOUR CRABS” has been in the workings behind the scenes for many years! From the wagon, too a cooler trailer in the summers at Boarder station parking lot, too now our newest adventure…KITTY HAWK NC! So remember when sitting at our stainless foot bar having your crabs and oysters shucked for you! This is not just a new business on the outer banks. This was a boy’s passion, his dream, HIS WAY OF LIFE!