Juicy Fruit!!

It has been a little over a year since we lost our sweet bulldog, Biskers. I have been searching and searching for the right dog for our family, scouring Petfinder daily, stopping at all the animal shelters I could and about 2 months ago we decided we weren't getting a second dog. That life is too easy with 1 child and 1 dog. Our car isn't that big and it was always a tight fit with a car seat, 2 dogs, 2+ adults and all of our stuff. It was also easier to travel with 1 child and 1 dog. Finding a sitter for 2 dogs just isn't as easy.Well, last week I received a call from my friend Gena Martin. She was at the animal shelter in Currituck and there was a 4 year old Boxer who was soooo great with her son, knew all commands and was house trained. She sent me a photo, I posted on Facebook and tried to find him a home and thought nothing more of it. That night I had a bad dream and woke up and went to the shelter to get him. He is perfect. Sooo sweet and passive, lets our other Boxer, Weezy, be boss and in love with us. He listens, comes when called, follows us around, keeps up with me on my bike without a leash and runs right with me. He's super skinny and had a tough life but we're fattening him up and giving him tons of love which is really all he wants. We're excited to share out love with him and to have all the love he gives us.