The Fisher Family

It is such a treat to have my clients become amazing friends and to be able to document little bits of their lives. I met Allison + Justin when I photographed their wedding in 2006 and since then I have photographed them each year when they come to the Outer Banks to vacation.They now have 3 adorable kids. Jackson and Jake, the two boys look sooo much alike! While there are 2 years between them, their facial features and mannerisms are so similar. Avery looks like them as well, there is no doubt when you see them they are siblings! Each year we do something completely different, this year we had been brainstorming for months and finally decided that the Surfin' Spoon yogurt shop at MP 10 was the perfect spot to capture their kids. They adored it, of course!!! The yogurt and toppings are heavenly and the decor and overall vibe is so fun, upbeat and happy. We were all sad to leave! Thank you zillions for having us come play!