Underwater Drummer

I have been seeing Alex and his family for several years now, I got to photograph his sister's senior beach portraits and now his. I've been talking to his mom for months about our ideas, planning colors and logistics. I had a huge hyper spurt when she said she wanted him underwater with his drum set!!!! I thought it would be impossible but they made it happen! They sent me several colors for drum sets and we decided on the red, LOVE! They cut holes to make the drums hollow so they would sink and brought rope to lower them in the pool. One thing we didn't count on was how deep the deep end really is! It took awhile to get used to holding our breath as long as we did and to get the drums set up properly but I am beyond thrilled with the results!After we went to the pool we took them in the ocean. So fun! Alex is an amazingly talented drummer, not only does he play with his peers and in bands with kids his age but he plays with well known jazz musicians at Jazz Clubs/Bars! How's that for a teen?? I can't wait to go to one of these lounges and hear him, I would just cry my eyes out! I'm so proud of him and am so lucky to have him and his family in my life. They are fabulous parents who are supportive but give the kids enough space to be them, all any kid could hope for. Behind every good kid is even better parents.

Many thanks to Christen Buchert (theswimlady@gmail.com) for all her help!!