Meet Forbes

This sweet little bean was asleep from the time we arrived until the time we left, his 2.5 yo brother was napping too, it was the quietest home with 2 kids we have ever seen. Tracy's mom was there and everyone was so relaxed and calm, we didn't want to leave! We always come with ideas for baby shoots but we know they can always change really quickly based on the lighting, home, and what the baby is feeling.... When we walked into their home we had sooo many options and sets we wanted to accomplish, they have the most adorable back yard, a fun art area, sandbox, clothes line, neat windows, fun outfits, ACK! Where would we start? We had a chefs hat in the back of my car so Candace wanted to pick up some cereal and milk, we weren't sure exactly what it would be used for but we had it if something perfect came up. Candace has been talking about putting a baby in a mixing bowl for months now so when we walked in their kitchen and saw this, we knew exactly what to do. Her idea came to life!

Then we headed outside and saw this adorable sandbox... couldn't resist! We missed Patrick but can't wait to have him with his little brother at the next shoot!

Thank you so much for having us, yall made another perfect little bean, it's so fun watching your family grow up. XO