Meet Juicy Fruit!

I know I have 2 super talented associate photographers that would be more than happy to photograph our family and we will!! However, finding a time that works for all of us is a different story!These photos happened when Poppy woke up from a nap, John was filming for "Taste NC" on PBS and Poppy was supposed to be in the shots, she woke up late but I got her dressed anyways not knowing. We decided to take a few photos outside with my camera sitting on an upside down watering can on a self timer. Right when we finished, John pulled up, yay!! So here is an updated family photo that will soon be replaced by Carrie or Candace's photos! Juicy is working out wonderfully, Poppy adores him and he is sweet as can be! And housebroken!! Yay for getting an older doggie friend!

John's throwing Poppy her "hoppus." (loveys)