Thank You Beautiful Beasties

We adore Cowbelly Photography! The way Jamie captures doggie friends is like none other! Not only that but she is an amazing educator, she teaches other pet photographers the ins and outs of the pet photography business, better camera skills and basically anything else you'd like to know.I had a hyper spurt last night when I received an email from her saying she mentioned us in her blog post about defining your style. If you are a pet photographer or a photographer in general, her website is a wonderful resource for all things pets. Her subject line was, "You are in a class of your own, according to my new blog post." As photographers, we pour our hearts and souls into our photos, especially when we create images that are for us and not for a client or magazine or anything else. My underwater dogs series was exactly that. You never know who sees your images or who you can make smile with them so hearing from her that she had made my heart super happy. Thank you Jamie.