Charles hearts Allison | Pirate's Cove Wedding

We have been sooooo excited for Allison & Charles' wedding and got even more excited after her Sassybuns session! These two are so in tune with one another and so in love you can feel it even when they aren't together. They got ready in gorgeous homes in Pirate's Cove and had their ceremony and reception at the Pavilion.

Their daughter was adorable, love how she was snuggling and reading with her grandma and then fell asleep on the couch through ALL of getting ready. It's Royalty did an outstanding job on the gals hair and makeup!

Everything was so relaxed, Allison even had time for a bubble bath!

She wanted to wear her mama's lipstick sooo bad!

Candace and Carrie went with the boys while they got ready, Candace couldn't resist some Dudoir!

He has her Sassybuns Album on his phone so he can have it with him everywhere he goes!

Lovin' those Scottish Buns!!


At BMP, we are always complimented on how well we coordinate with each other while shooting. It may just be eye contact, a nod, look or head jerk to convey an entire thought. We move pretty seamlessly through a ceremony when using a second (or third!) shooter, making sure we are covering all angles, emotions and events completely without being in the others shot. Carrie and I like to say, "this is not our first rodeo..."

This sort of telekinesis came into play this past Friday, while shooting Allison and Charles' wedding at the Pirate's Cove Pavilion.

There was a bit of an odd set up for the ceremony, with no center aisle, and two ways in which the bridal party entered. I wanted a 50mm to shoot processional because of my location, but a 70-200mm for ceremony so I would be able to go behind guests. Carrie needed the 70-200mm during processional because she was on the other side of the guests, but didn't want to take the heavy thing up on the ladder with her while she shot ceremony (neat things can happen when you have three shooting a ceremony!). Brooke was with Bride way, way away, and thus far unaware of our game plan.

During Ceremony, immediately after Bride gets to alter, (eye contact....head nod) I soundlessly make my way to Carrie, swap out some equipment, change a few lenses and VOILA! Within a few moments we all have what we wanted without having to each have more equipment than we needed. Carrie then shimmied up a ladder (I am absolutely not allowed to- being the clutz of the three). Brooke and I then kept constant watch of Bride, Groom, guests and each other.

Here is their ceremony with Jay Bowman, master thespian as Candace says. As I say, mack daddy preacher man.


We ADORE their kiss, here it is shot from 3 different angles. The top photo is mine, their daughter covering her ears because of all the clapping is priceless! The second photo down is Carrie's, taken from the ladder, we love how it shows the location and all the guests. Candace took the last photo, which is my favorite. I love how both watches are showing the exact time they are pronounced husband and wife, the beginning of their married life together.

Holiday House Weddings is beyond phenomenal. All Allison told him was she wanted an elegant beachy wedding with the wooden beams covered and this is what he came up with. He made all the chandeliers by hand. It was gorgeous!

Marsha Johnson with Great Cakes designed their elegant and delicious cake! It went perfectly with their wedding!

Lots of teaching and learning was happening during the reception! This little boy was teaching all the ladies how to "Dougie." How adorable!!! And the bridesmaids were teaching Adam, Allison's son, how to work his hips, heehee.

Pirate's Cove at night, how romantic!

Many, many thanks to all the phenomenal vendors who helped make Allison and Charles' wedding perfect! Here is John Harper DJ introducing everyone and making sure the dancing continues!

Wes with Holiday House Weddings working his magic and showing Allison her reception site for the first time!

Hatteras tours being sooo sweet and helpful!

And Nannette and Kerri with The Proper Setting helping everyone when they need it and keeping the big day organized, on schedule and simple as can be for all the guests, vendors, bridal party and most importantly bride and groom!