Kagan Fammy Sammy

It has been forever since I saw Holli and her family, actually, it was about this time 2 years ago, when Elan and Noah were dressed in their Halloween costumes and ready for a hayride! They are so much fun, they act like 8 and 10 year olds instead of 2 and 5! They were running and playing in the dunes the whole way out to the point, at least 1/2 mile both ways! Chasing each other, laughing and she was telling me full ideas! Poppy is 2.5 as well but can't express herself nearly as well as Elan can!

Teague is the sweetest little fella, he has the best smile and wants nothing more than to be able to walk and run with the big kids... except maybe Puffs. Heehee. He looks like a little man with that gorgeous long hair and toothy grin!

Much much love to yall!!!