Kyle hearts Kristin

Kristin + Kyle had the sweetest ceremony on the gazebo overlooking the ocean in in Corolla, NC. They had 9 of their closest friends and family there to celebrate with them. This doesn't include their two fur babies who were so sweet! Kristin even made them a bow and tie - it doesn't get more adorable than this! Jamie and Meghan with Cafe 111 made the most beautiful and delicious food! If you're looking for a personal chef to come to your home and create a special meal for you and your shuggie or for a dining out experience while in the comfort of your own home (kids playing or in bed, even better!) they are the perfect match!

Their preacher was a family friend from Las Vegas. He picked shells up and talked about how it's easy to love when everything is wonderful and your life. He showed us an angel wing shell and said it's harder to love when you're upset with your spouse or there are tough times but it's then that your love is larger than life and overcomes all obstacles. Then he showed us broken shells. A perfect ceremony.

Kyle's father is deceased and was a pilot for this type of aircraft. When we were doing family portraits it flew right over top of us, proof that their parent's are watching over them.

Here is the official family of 4, congratulations!!!!