Poppy Day | 2.5 Years Old

Poppy, as I'm sure all kids, changes on a daily basis. One day (most days!) Poppy is a complete tomboy, refusing to wear shoes or clothes for that matter and certainly no bow in her hair! Today she woke up and said she was wearing a tutu and her sparkly shoes. I told her she had to wear leggings under it to stay warm, she chose these and this adorable shirt, all by herself. Now whether it happened to be at the top of her drawer, I'm not sure, as it could be complete coincidence that it matched or she could have been a total fashionista this morning.Either way, it had to be documented by doing her favorite activity, blowing bubbles. Thank you for making everyday of our lives new, exciting, fun and challenging. You help us appreciate and notice the little things, meaning, ants, spiders and any other critter you choose to pick up and eat.

"Do it by self!" Yes you do.