PB + J in Ocracoke

I feel for all of our clients, coming up with outfits for photo shoots is not an easy task! Especially when you're on vacation with your family and your 2 year old refuses to wear ANYTHING that you brought for the shoot, so seeing that she totally changed her outfit, I had to as well. John was going to wear the same thing no matter what, his outfit was the stability in ours just as he is the stability in our lives, level headed, clear and calculated. I am in LOVE with the photos of us on the left, Poppy's face cracks me up and it's a face she makes every once in awhile but it's never been caught on camera! The middle photo of John and Roo is adorable, the love you can see on his face melts my heart!

My handsome sugarbutt!

Little Roostie cracks me up, her shades are adorable! She is all girl, how did that happen to our little farm gal??