Grace + Poppy

We are so grateful to have Aunt Grace in our lives. She is my hubby, John's, grandfather's sister. 92 years old and remembers everything! First, middle and last names of everyone, dates anything happened even in the early 1900's. Her stories are the best, a piece of history that will be lost if they aren't recorded. We try to video her stories every time we see her, write down her recipes and remember the joy on her face when Poppy wants to give her a "hug kiss."This visit, Aunt Grace gave her a doll, Victoria. Poppy loves her.

Here they are when Poppy was 8 months and Grace was 90 and now when Pops is 2.5 and Grace is 92. Aren't they gorgeous??

And yes, that is a whole gingerbread cookie shoved in Poppy's mouth!