Boating on the Trent | New Bern Engagement

I received a text in the fall from my cousin, Erin, asking me to send her some shells and sand from the Outer Banks. Her and her boyfriend were working on creating an engagement ring made from wood and sand/shells from where she is from and Oregon, where he is from. We had never met Nate but knew if Erin was getting married he had to be the most perfect man for her. She is a very strong woman dedicated to her career and helping others and doesn't do anything if she's not 110% into it!I was super excited to send them and now we were just waiting on the great news! It came in December after they had gone hiking and camping in Patagonia where he proposed. We met him over our Christmas holiday and he is more than we had imagined. Patient, funny, smart, handsome and loves Erin to the moon and back, needless to say, he's already a big part of our family and we look forward to getting to know him more and more. He gave the best toast during Christmas dinner and thanked not only her parent's and brother for raising her to be the woman she is today but all of her family. How sweet is that?? And the topping on the cake, he can drive a boat, a big deal to the Mayo/Ashton family as boat riding is our favorite past time!

Boat riding in New Bern on the Trent River.

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