Poppy Wants to Dance!

Last night was Poppy's first night of dance, she has been talking about it for a month now, wearing multiple tutus daily- at the same time! She wakes up yelling, "Poppy wants to dance! Music PLEASE!"She won't go anywhere without her tap shoes.... It started when we were trying to get ready... telling her what she had to wear, tights and her hair pulled away from her face. John even tried to demonstrate... well, minus the tights. Fit 1 and fit 2. After we finally got past those, we got in the car and arrive 20 mins early so she could see everything and get adjusted. All the little ballerinas came in and she was shy but excited... walk into the dance room and she realized she couldn't cling to my leg the whole time and she had to be alone and me in the waiting room- fit 3. We got in the car and came home. We'll try again next year.

Weezy and Juicy snuggling on the couch, this doesn't happen often!!

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