Happy Birthday Sifer!

I can't believe this beautiful little bean is almost a year old! Where does the time go??? It seem like yesterday we were chatting with Olivia trying to plan her maternity portraits in the snow! Because it didn't snow on the Outer Banks last year we made sure to have Sifer's first birthday photos when there was snow on the ground!We love, love, love the See Me Grow portrait sessions! We have gotten to see Sifey Bean when she was 2 weeks, 1 month old, 2 months old , 8 months old and now. It's a great bond to form with the family and the kiddos so they are used to having you be around their family, trust you and act natural in front of the camera.

How flippin' adorable is her outfit?!

And of course her puppy who she wanted to snuggle all day!

The goats and chickens she wasn't so sure of but she was quite curious!

Happy birthday beautiful gal! We can't wait for your party next month!!!!

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