Easter Portrait Party

We are soooo very ready for summer to arrive! Last year we had a gorgeous spring and this year we have been fighting cold, colds and rain! The same was true for this portrait party- we had it scheduled for last Sunday and we rescheduled due to rain (it ended up being gorgeous that afternoon!) for the following Sunday. Friday it was looking super yucky for Sunday so we scrambled to get back in town and get everyone moved to Saturday. Erica, our sweet bunny mama was even able to let us pick them up early even though she was out of town! Whew, what a whirlwind!These parent's and kiddos are rock stars, we had families from Edenton, Virginia and of course here at the Outer Banks.

Many thanks to Renee Landry for providing many of the fabulous props and to Sanctuary Vineyards for providing the beautimus property!

We love, love, love sweet Quinny and her family. Harry, their new puppy is a riot, he loves running and playing but would lay down and listen at the drop of a hat. Quinn adores animals, of any kind! The bunny was her favorite, she kept snuggling, kissing and petting her, adorable!

Grant + Reid are so much fun, I have always wanted twins and seeing these two together melts my heart! They look so much alike but act so different! They had a great time running, playing on the tractors and visiting with the bunnies and balloons.

This handsome fella smiled the whole time!!

Don't you just love this sweet gummy smile??? 10 months old and so full of personality!

We got to meet sweet Preston last year but this year his big brother came to play! He was smitten with the bunny!!

And this is my daughter, Poppy. She 100% dresses herself each day, no matter what the weather, she wants to wear a summer shirt, ballet shoes and multiple tutus. She asked if we could go out and take photos with her Easter ducks, I look forward to seeing them grow up and go live on the farm with all the other little ducks!