Kiwis at Canvas & Cork

Yesterday was such a yucky weather day! Being able to have the winery open and have this mega fun painting class to attend was a definite bright spot for us! We also held our Tuesday morning Canvas and Cork Toddler time in the winery yesterday. We read to the children two stories about dogs and then it was art time, which consisted of consisted of play-doh!!! The children were also able to pet a few tiny baby chicks that were just hatched as a surprise!

For our evening painting class, we had friends from Virgina, Corolla and Carova attend our class. Everyone brought delicious snacks to share, and had a blast trying out the Sanctuary Vineyards wine. There was also samplings from their two new wines the Aglianico and Cab Franc.

  Every painting is individualized by each artist to fit their personality and fit with their decor, or in some cases to fit whom they are gifting it to. One of our returning students even dressed to match her painting!


We are so proud of these ladies and their kiwi paintings!!!

To learn more about us, visit and 'like' our facebook page. We update regularly with our class schedual, and upcoming class topics! Our next painting class will be March 5th and we will be painting a crab! See you guys in March!