Las Vegas, NV

Candace and I had the best time at WPPI in Las Vegas, NV last week! We had classes from 8am-9pm each day on everything from finding your creative style to business practices. It was such an inspiring week.Don't let us fool you, we had tons of fun outside of classes too! We went to see shows and went out to the desert one day to update our head shots. So much creativity comes from being outside your comfort zone, seeing different lighting, new people and locations. We love to get away right before wedding season begins to pick up, it helps us look at the world differently. We left the day after our wedding on the Outer Banks in Carova with Dana and Brant, got on the 4pm plane and guess who we ran into? Our beautimus newlyweds who live in Vegas. I am an early bird, 10pm bedtime is late for me, so needless to say we were exhausted. We checked into our hotel and it was sooooo smokey but once we got to our room in the Excalibur it was fine and we found a door out without having to go through the lobby! Our conference was right across the street, very convenient! We adjusted to the time change easier than we had expected and were able to stay up for our classes and even a Fearless Photographers party the first night- thanks to Candace for some gently nudging, I was being a funhammer and wanting to go to bed. We met some amazing photographers and the networking was phenomenal. It's always fun to hear how other people are running their businesses and seeing how you can incorporate their ideas into yours. We are now back and are anxiously awaiting a phone call saying baby Alice is on her way! Lucky for us, she is a week late and wasn't born while we were out of town. Unlucky for mama, she's exhausted and ready to birth that sweet little bean!

Here are some photos Candace took of me:

And some I took of Candace...