Meet Alice on her birth day.

I feel so incredibly honored to be trusted with the task of photographing a birth. To be able to capture the absolute first breath of life! I mean,WOW! It doesn't much more exciting than that! Frieda was well past her due date, and at BMP, we were nervous with all of our other shoots, classes and out of town trips that we wouldn't be able to shoot her birth! Brooke and I were both on call, and always with enough camera equipment ready. Frieda kept us up to date on all that was going on with doctors appts, contractions (..or braxton hicks!).

Finally, on St. Patty's Day, (after laboring for two days!) I received the call from Ben that they were leaving to go to the hospital, but not to rush, and they would call me with their doctor update (all while Frieda is having contractions in the background!). It's a 45 min drive to the hospital and I didn't want to miss it, so of course, I left right then!

I'm glad I didn't wait! When I got to the hospital, Momma Frieds is already at 8cm and being a rockstar with no pain meds! Ben and Frieda had a birth plan typed up with explicit instructions for the hospital. No pain medication was to be offered, as this was 'pain with purpose'.

A little over an hour after I arrived, at 6:35pm, Miss Alice Elizabeth was born! Frieda had a great support team consisting of her husband Ben, friend Monica and their Doula, Donna. I was a teary mess, wiping of my face to take photographs! Such a beautiful moment in this family's history!

We're so happy for this family! Alice has a loving family and an awesome big brother, Austin! I'm sure she will grow to love monster trucks and Thomas the train.

Happy Birthday Alice! Such a cool birthday too!!!