South Carolina Adventures

We had a week scheduled for vacation and never decided where exactly to go. We ended up in Georgetown, SC at a gorgeous plantation of John's families friend, Art and his gorgeous shuggie, Bettie. They were so welcoming, relaxed, informative and FUN! We wish they could come live with us all the time!Besides their company, the best part of this beautimus place was waking up and being able to run for miles and miles with our adopted dog, "Repo, " who is Art and Bettie's dog. This is the best dog, she went everywhere we did and listened like a human, so gentle and sweet. We would wake up and have coffee and play tag between the huge Cypress trees and each day have a new adventure, one day to Charleston, SC the next day to Pawley's Island, a day into the town of Georgetown and then back through New Bern, NC for a quick visit with my dad, brother, aunt and grandparents.

The images below describe Poppy to a "T!" She dresses herself each morning, afternoon and evening or maybe more. No matter what she chooses it's always her "ballet" shoes, tights, tutu and summer shirt with a winter shirt. And she sleeps with 2 "Hoppus." They go with her anywhere and everywhere, usually only coming out at nap and bedtime but if we think we may be pushing her sleep schedule they come everywhere.

It melts my heart to see Poppy with her great Gma and Gpa, listening and talking through a tube that then becomes an elephant's trunk and then a bridge. I love seeing kid's imaginations and the way they think. If we could all see the world through child's eyes it would be a better place.

Here's Repo, the amazing Diving Dog!