Vic & Mollie | Going to Get Married...

I have been so excited about photographing these two, usually I get to work with Mollie at Outer Banks weddings and shoots as she is an amazing hair stylist who is part owner of Glimmer Girls along with Bridgette Groce. They are based out of Salon Swank.I always know she is going to have a huge smile on her face and the most positive attitude. She is one who will turn lemons into lemonade without ever even seeing another option. Vic is the same way, he was just as excited to take the photos as she was!

I got to visit Vic's parent's home and meet his mama's horse, Scarlett. She is absolutely gorgeous and is a stinker for treats! This one of her sticking her tongue out at me is my favorite of the whole day. She is quite the sassassaurus!

I love all the props Mollie's daddy made, this one of "love" written in string is my favorite!!

I can't wait for their October 5th wedding in Camden, it's going to be out of this world!