Brother Husbands

We went to New Bern to photograph a wedding and stayed at my dad's house with my whole family. My sister and boyfriend slept on the couch, me and my husband shared bunk beds with my 17 year old brother, my 3 year old daughter slept in the bathtub, Candace, her hubby and kids slept in one room and my parents were in theirs. A full house!

The next morning we wanted to take some new head shots so we dolled ourselves up with a ton of help from my sister (I never learned to apply makeup so she took hers out and did it for me.) Not only that but she took her outfit off and let me wear it. Thank you Turkey! Her boyfriend had been fishing all morning and caught massive fish!

Our hubby's were inside cooking while we're outside playing. It led to a sprinkler, fishing rod, a 40 and 50lb catfish and our husbands outside in their roos wearing my dad's tube socks and sunglasses. They came outside and started playing leap frog in the sprinkler. Randy was slightly hesitant, not to have us photograph him but for my whole family see him running around soaking wet in his undies.

As they walked back inside drenched to finish making lunch, they grudgingly said, "Why can't our wives have normal jobs?"