Farm Livin'!

My family has loved being outside this past week! The weather has been gorgeous here in NC and we're making the most of it! We get a few short bursts of perfect spring days and then it's back to cold and rainy, constant flip-flopping weather. Last Sunday, my kids spent the day running around the yard in their bathing suits playing 'survivor'! They loaded back packs with supplies: water, oranges, Nerf guns, and even sweat shirts! The mud was their camouflage! It had not rained, and our drive way is sand- so that's the best they got!

For years, I have wanted chickens. My husband has been against it because, well- he knows he'd be doing most of the work for them (not denying that!). Finally, this year he's agreed! I did tell him that he may name them after the members of the Wu-Tang Clan!

We are absolutely smitten with these little ladies now! They are finally getting big enough to peck around the yard and be really funny!

We have six chickens, four Rhone Island Reds, one Leghorn, and a Wyandotte. The kids and I have secretly named them after Harry Potter characters. We've spent the past year and a hlaf reading the books as a family and finally finished. The Reds are our favorite Weasley's: Ron, Ginny, Fred and George. The black one is obviously Sirius, and the white one (our loner) is Draco Malfoy.

We're so ready for Summer! ..and fresh eggs!