Nate hearts Erin | New Bern Wedding

Erin and Nate had the most gorgeous day for their New Bern wedding on Saturday. They got married in the church where her stepdad is the preacher man and had their reception at the New Bern Convention Center. Erin had an absolutely gorgeous dress which fit her perfectly and wore a garter from the ETSU University where she played college soccer.

I love the anticipation and innocence Candace captured of the flower girl before she was about to walk down the aisle.

These photos of Erin dancing with her grandpa are priceless!! They were having the best time and you can tell the family loved it!! I haven't seen that much laughter in ages!

I love that the band told Erin to sit on the best man instead of a chair for Nate to remove the garter! That made it soooo much more fun and slightly awkward, heehee.

We didn't think there would be a sunset or any phenomenal photos as it had been overcast most the day, however, Candace went to check it out and this is what she found. She had to walk the majority of the way over the draw bridge to get these but it was worth it! Isn't New Bern gorgeous???

I look over and he's having a dance party all by himself, air guitar, leg up, leaning back, having the time of his life. And he SWEARS he was dancing with 2 young ladies! Hmmmm.. I don't see them, do you?

Congratulations lovebugs, can't wait to play again soon!!