Outer Banks Easter Portraits

Poppy is our beautiful little human who we get to know more and more each day. She is full of surprises- she dresses herself 10-20 times per day in tutus, dresses, tights and high heels. She will never ever ever wear something we pick out or even suggest. I ordered an outfit in Poppy's size hoping she may wear it but never put it in her room or even showed it to her, I put it in the bag with my props/blankets and she found it and put it on herself. She asked if she could wear it and take pictures with her ducks- why, Of COURSE! She even asked me to put pigtails in which she never wears!Our friend, Mrs. Bettie, sent Poppy green high heels and a wand and she wears them to bed, to dinner, breakfast, hiking on the farm, boat riding... you name it. It's her obsession. It's hard to believe she is almost 3 years old, she has grown and changed so much and is the gentlest little kiddo. We're lucky ducky parents!!