Painting her World Purple!

We adore this sweet little family, they are always up for anything and everything! They have been working on an addition to their gorgeous home in Duck and are doing it all themselves, well, with the help of both their parents. It's pretty amazing, when I arrived, Deanna was painting Quinn's room, Mark and his dad were grouting the tile, her mom went to pick Quinn up from school and Mark's mom was painting another room.It's absolutely gorgeous, I am so very proud of all of them and it was such a treat to capture a piece of their puzzle. One day Quinn will look back and see all the photos of her and her family working so hard to make their forever home, I know how much the home I grew up in means to me, but that would multiply by the millions if it was built by me and my family. No matter what type of day they have had, when they walk into their home they can feel so much pride, relief and happiness. How sweet is this? Quinn is such a great helper and taking the time to teach her how to do these things will be such a huge help in her adult life, I was listening and taking tips, rolling a wall, something I haven't learned yet!

It can't be all work and no play!

What a fun little bird bath!