Shilah 4 Months | New Bern Family Portraits

It was such a treat to see Tina and her family again. Tina used to be my dad's secretary ever since I could remember up until the point he retired. She was awesome and helped me a TON!! Before I started my business I was never the quickest typer AND I have horrible hand writing! I would mail her my sloppy handwritten papers and she would type them for me, that shows an insane amount of laziness on my part and a such sweetness on her part. She was always saving my fanny!!!Now, they have the most beautiful 4 month old baby girl with a full head of hair, Shilah. I am smitten. Her smile and little cheeks melt my heart!!

Before Tina's mom passed away, she left her a box with the sweetest note and Tina's first pair of shoes. I can't even imagine how many happy tears this has brought to their family.