Bodie at the Bodie Island Lighthouse

I can't believe it's been 5 years since Tifanie and Kyle got married in Southern Shores, one snowy APRIL day! Their son is now 4 years old and the most amazing golfer, his swing is insane!!Not only that but he climbed the Bodie Island Lighthouse, "his" lighthouse as that was what he was named for. Every single step, not a tear or whine. Questions and laughter is all I heard from him. I on the other hand almost had a panic attack right before the last flight of stairs up when I saw them swaying ever so slightly! Many thanks to all involved for being patient while I mustered the courage to go up and out! Once I got outside, I was fine. I think it was the hot air and wobbliness of it all! I can't believe I got to spend his birthday with him, it was such a treat and he is the sweetest little fella you can imagine. Well, not so little, he's rather tall. Really tall. Just like his daddy! Happy birthday Bodie, thank you for being my little buddy!!!